All Cameras List
Rollie 35T 35mm Rollie 35 LED 35mm Rollie 35 35mm
Olympus mju II 35mm Praktica L SLR 35mm Olympus AF-10 35mm
Holga 35mm TLR Pentax MZ-50 35mm Kodak KB-10 35mm
Lomo Konstruktor 35mm SLR Rolliecord II 120 Rolliecord V 120
Balda 120 Lomo Diana 120 Lomo Belair 120
Kodak Box 120 Minolta Autocord 120 Lomo Instant Square
Lomo Diana Instant Square Kodak APS Canon Ixus APS
A number of cameras are mentioned on this site. Most i still own although not all of them. Most of them have been tried and tested and in many cases a page of that camera with sample photos. Other pages include comparison tests and these are listed on the Camera Test page