Ilford SP816T 400
I bought a 25 feet roll of this film along with some re-loadable plastic cassettes. I had recently bought a bulk loader for a good price on eBay and wanted to try it out. I reckoned this would be a cheap option. It was supplied for use in survellance, speed cameras and the like.

Two surprises.

Firstly the film is on a thin polyester base.

Secondly the emulsion seems to be on the wrong side. Now that might be because this is a roll obviously off a bigger reel. Thing is when I load the reels the emulsion is on the outside. I think I will just swap the reel around  in the loader.

Biggest problem turned out to be the polyester base. It does not like to slide into plastic developing tank spools. Fortunately I also have a Rondinax and it works with that. The Rondinax spools from the centre as you wind the film in. Only other option would have been to acquire a stainless steel tank which are centre loaded. Might even try it with a plastic spool. Works on the Rondinax but not sure I can manage it in my dark bag.

Good news was that there were no light leaks so loader and cassettes are gooduns.

Below are a couple of pictures taken with a Rollie 35T. I took a range of bracketed shots confirming that with Rodinal the film speed is around 320/400 asa.

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