Kentmere 400asa
I bought a 50'/17m  roll direct from Ilford. Ilford manufacture this film in 100asa and 400asa and only sell 35mm versions at the moment. It is also available in the standard 36 exposure cassette.

It is a budget film intended to complement the standard Ilford films. It is also though that a number of other black and white films sold under other names are actually this film. One company no longer sells Agfa black and white film for as far as they tell it is actually Kentmere.

It seems to have a reasonable 3 stop range making it suitable for general use. I have used it to trial and test a number of cameras and found it to be fine. Possibly a bit grainy for some, but this is often of little consequence with budget lens on low quality cameras. It does show when used with good specification lens.

I have processed it satisfactorily in Rodinal, ID-11 and paranol-S.

Below are some examples of the film taken with various cameras.

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