What is meant by Low Cost Model Railways?

At one time all model trains and equipment were quite expensive. It was very much a hobby for those with a reasonable income. Judging by the early books written on the subject the clergy held many model railwya enthusiasts.

Today it is possible to buy many model railway items second hand. Generally though this requires some thechnical maintenance skill as often the cheapest are what auction houses refer to as 'play worn'.

New and cheap is possible. Resembling more the early toy tinplate clockwork trains than the accurate scale modes of mainstream manufacturers though. Generally they are made from plastic and are battery powered. As with clockwork train they are switch and go. Unloke clockwork trains they tend to run a bit longer.

Interestingly though as the price of mainstream model railways has risen even the major manufactuers have started to introduce 'budget' ranges. often older models with less detail they are often acquired by mainstream model railway enthusiasts as the trains they run rather than display.

Also major manufacturers have been introducing cbeaper battery powered trainsets as toys aimed at catching them young.

My low cost pages hope to catch the flavour of all of theses scenarios.