TT Trials and Testing

A few years ago I bought a simple toy train set. Mainly for the components. Running the simple set I discovered it was running on 12mm, ie TT gauge track. Plastic as the simple loco unit is powered by a sing 1.5volt AA cell.
This got me thinking. Experimenting I replaced the non descript plastic body with a simple printed card body. Genuine TT gauge track was acquired and I discovered the train would run happily on it.
A subsequent idea to feed the motor through the track was not so successful. To work absolutely perfect contacts are required. It seems that the higher current 12volt motors can cope with the sliding contact between loco and track. 1.5 volts is a bit more problematic. No doubt this could be overcome through installing a 12 volt motor. I decided not to as this was overwhelming the simplicity of the original. practically it would have been easier to build a loco from scratch, which rather defeated the objective.
It makes more sense to retain the battery drive but to improve the switching mechanism with a reversing switch. Cheap plastic chassis are not built for speed so the low speed and poor running of locos and rolling stock is more suited to a simple narrow gauge industrial scene display layout.
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