Olympus mu-II; Olympus IS-500 compared
version   1.10 19 February 2023
Olympus mu-II  and Olympus IS-500 How do  they compare ?
A pair of cameras from the same manufacturer. Both fully automatic but one a compact with an f2.8 35mm lens. The other an automatic SLR with 28-120 zoom f4.9 to f6.8. Neither offers direct control over shutter speeds or aperture. The IS-500 has distance, night and portrait programmes, a close up option and ev + anf minus. Both offer flash and self timers. Both are auto focussing.

So; automatic 35mm cameras.
For this pretty un scientific comparison test 35mm Kodak color 400 was used in both cameras and processed and scanned by BCE at the same time
The images are to the left the IS-500, to the right the mu-II. The IS-500 is at 28mm while mu-II at 35mm. Original scans are approx 2000 x 3000 or 6Mpixels.
From previous use I expected them to to be fairly equal. It is obvious that the SLR has a very good zoom lens.

Below are enlarged sections from the above. If anything the image from the zoom lens appears a bit crisper. Both are from around 80 px originals.
An intersting quirk considering these two cameras is that the mu-II is likely to cost aound 10 to 20 times the price of the IS-500.