Panniers for RE 350
version   1.00 8 february 2023
The wooden panniers I made fitted to the Meteor 350. shown with the top box.
The panniers were created by making two fully enclosed wooden boxes. These are shown left before one end is sawn off to make the lid as shown below.
Boxes were then evened up with filler, sanded and painted with black gloss. Inside seams were sealed
and the inside painted with white gloss.
Below shows the lid hinged at one end and held in place at the other end by a pair of toggle clamps. A rotary lock is also fitted to secure the lid on the box. A rubber sea has been stuck around the top to help keep a good seal between the lid and box.
Each box is attached to the pannier frame with a steady arm at the bottom connected to to the rear foot rest. A suitable hole for accessories to be attached too is provided on the foot rest bracket.