I have been riding a motorcycle for over 50 years. I still am, and so present my observations, old and new.                                                                     
version   2.00        8 February 2023
My previous motorcycle.
MZ Skorpion Traveller.
660cc Yamaha Single engine.
In  February 2022 my MZ Skorpion Traveller bought new in 2000 suffered a catastrophic failure. The frame broke. Fortunately I was at at home when I lifted it onto the centre stand. A plate connecting the bottoms of the two main chassis tubes broke. A crack that had obviously been a long time developing and probably had it's origins  back during manufacture.

Not having the resourses for a major rebuild I sold it on eBay.

In March 2022 I bought a brand new Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

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I recently discovered I had written a blog on the future of motorcycling. This was over ten years ago and was rather pessimistic.

In that time things have really changed, for the better. The lack of choice of smaller and medium motorcycles has ended.

This a link to that blog.