MZ Skorpion Traveller Memorial Page
version   2.01        8 february 2023
In  February 2022 my MZ Skorpion Traveller, bought new in 2000 suffered a catastrophic failure. The frame broke. Fortunately at home as I lifted it onto the centre stand. A plate connects the bottoms of the two main chassis tubes,  it broke. A crack that had obviously been a long time developing and probably had it's origins  back during manufacture.

Not having the resourses for a major rebuild I sold it on eBay.

In March 2022 I bought a brand new Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Having a bike for so long, in fact I had this one bike for as long as I owned and rode all my other motorcycles, mean a good picture record.

Did I shed a tear? No. It was a machine, my leasure transport and interest. I moved on.