Cosmic 35; Rollie 35 LED and out dated film
version   1.10 19 February 2023
Cosmic 35  and Rollie 35 How do  they compare ?
A pair of similar cameras. 40mm lens on both. f3.5 triotar on the Rollie, f4 T-43 on the Cosmic 35. 1/30 to 1/500 shutter on the Rollie. 1/15 to 1/250 on the Cosmic 35. Neither has a rangefinder or a working meter. Note the LED couple meter on the Rollie has long ceased to function. The Cosmic 35 has a self timer, one is not fitted to the Rollie.

So; basic manual 35mm cameras.
For this pretty un scientific comparison test 35 Konica Color 100 dated 1994 was used in both cameras. Pictures were take at the same place and the same time. Mainly my local walk and camera test sites.
The images are present as a timed display to the left and as a link gallery to the right. Those on the right can be viewed at full size.
While I did expect better results from the Rollie I was surprised at the difference. One feature I am unable to test is the precision of the shutter. The images suggest that the Cosmic 35 shutter might be running a bit slow. All images were at 1/60 0r 1/125 f8 or f11.