Lomo kino and Lomo Sampler 4
version   1.10 19 February 2023
Lomo Kino  and Lomo sampler 4 elementary movies!
The Lomo Kino is a hand cranked cine camera at around 8 to 10 fps. Takes 1/4 frame images, so even wider than cinema scope. Sample is 4 pictures in quick succession and any movie is very very short!

For this pretty un scientific comparison test 35mm Kentmere 400 processed in Ilfosol 3 was used. Sample images scanned on flatbed scanner but Kino scanned with a digital camera.
Two sets of 4 images. Seems the actual shutter speed over each image can vary. Also fairly slow so any movement tends to blur.

Below a strip of Lomo Kino pictures

Left  hand held selfy demonstrates a wide angle and the different view for each lens.

Below o
ne elargement of one of the four images taken